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Company profile

Mont-Tech was founded in 2001. From the very beginning Mont-Tech was focused on the development, research  and production of single-purpose machines, assembly machines, Poka-Yoke systems, conveyor systems, robotized workstations, manipulators, testers, assembly and shipping pallets and many other products especially for automotive industry.

Delivery of each technology device starts with technical offer where we are able to describe our best technical solution or more options of the solution to our customer. After this process there is the most important process of the mechanical design of the product. There are always design reviews with customers (present or tele conferences) during whole designing process. When is the design approved, manufacturing process begins. Before delivery to customer there is always pre-acceptance meeting in our assembly hall.

In general our machines contains:

  • Frame construction (Al- profiles, steel weldment etc.)
  • Mechanical parts (fitments, fixtures etc.)
  • Pneumatic-mechanical part (cylinders, vacuum gripers etc.)
  • Electrical mechanical parts (actuators, motors etc.)
  • Electronic parts (sensors, safety switches etc.)
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Control system (Siemens)

After delivery of our machine to customer there are always our technicians and programmers to install and prepare the machine for its purpose.

Every equipment delivered by Mont-Tech has the technical documentation (control manual, design drawings, wiring diagrams, pneumatic circle diagrams) and certificates in accordance with Czech and European legislation in required language. Mont-Tech also ensures that our products comply with the necessary norms (Czech Technical Standard, EN, CE). Mont-Tech also plans to pursue ISO 9001 certification in the near future.