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Assembly devices, production lines, Poka-Yoke systems

All single-purpose devices, from simple equipment to complete technological systems in varying degrees of automation, are among the main activities of our company and are ones Mont-Tech has large amounts of experience completing. All equipment is bespoke, made to fit the requirements and wishes of the client. We only use brand names and trusted components in the manufacturing of our products. We automatically adapt the design and its components to the client’s customizations and spatial capacities in order to simplify the product’s use and maintenance.

Specialized single-purpose equipment and entire lines proposed for specific functions

  • Universal work tables for use with assembly pallets, for a wide range of similar-typed products, including single-purpose pallets
  • Assembly stations with a PY function – a controlled manufacturing process with a blocking process which holds the product until approval for continuation is received
  • Reaction arms – systems for controlling the positions of bolting and riveting tools
  • Assembly tables and racks


Example 1: PY assembly station – assembling of front seat cushion

PY - Montáž sedáků předních sedadel

Example 2: Assembly device – assembling of resonator

Montáž rezonátoru

Example 3: PCO line – assembly and testing of pipes

PCO linka

Example 4: Reaction arms

reakční rameno

Example 5: Expansion of a production line – workstation: submersion, discharging, automatized pallet organizer, conveyors, rotation modules