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Robotic workstations

For applications that require high repeatability, reliability, or just repetitive routine design and that deliver robotic solutions, we use ABB robots for robotized workstations, but our programmers also have experience and Fanuc robots or SCARA robots Epson. Thanks to our experience with the correction of a robot’s path based on information from cameras and other sensors, the use of interchangeable tools and other peripherals, we can supply a workplace with a degree of flexibility.

  • Workplaces where the accuracy of technological processes is especially important
  • Quick handling
  • Automation of repeating actions


Example 1: Application of adhesive onto a carpet

Nanášení lepidla na koberceRobotické pracoviště


Example 2: Tightening the screws of a lock and a retractor + testing the functionality of the lock and pull stop
– The use of interchangeable tools, inspection of the screw type and correction of the screw path based on the position of the screw

robotické pracoviště